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(1) Solo Skill Classes: One-time skill-based classes

(2) Artists Teaching Artists: Professional teachers of their trade

(3) Camps: 1-week, child or adult art camps

(4) 6-8 Week Courses: Intensive and locally-based, multi-session art courses

(5) Program Partnerships: See where BAM is already involved in bringing art and community together

Exceptional Educational Offerings

Numerous studies have documented the importance of art, music and dance in the development of healthy, creative children.  Unfortunately, in today’s world of education, the arts are often the first to be cut when budgets are tightened. In fact, there are few kindergarten through eighth grade art teachers in the Bozeman Public Schools; and the greatest need is in the rural schools.  Knowing this, Bozeman Art Museum’s educational team has developed strong partnerships with the Bozeman and Gallatin and Park County School District, the homeschool community and local teachers to bring art classes to students grades K-12.  

Our art program is not just colors, paper, and free-styling; it is a sound art program that teaches children how to draw and other aspects of art creation.  We researched numerous art curriculums and decided to create a customized approach based on the classical skills based DaVinci Initiative teachings, the Mona Brookes ‘Monart’ lessons, and Betty Edwards which addresses the teaching of the language of art.  Our in-school programs are six-week, one hour and 15-minutes, in-class art programs. 

Impact By The Numbers: Students

2017: 80 students

2018: 494 students

2019: 1,128 students

2020: 804 students, reduced due to COVID-19

2021: 1,882 students

2022: 825 students and counting!

What People are Saying About BAM Youth Programs

“I had no idea how talented she was in art until I saw some of her work, we were so impressed. …it was a wonderful pairing of nature and humans colliding.”

Kamie, Parent of Mini-Camp Attendee (5 years old)

“The BAM teachers spent almost two hours a week with us and not only did they teach art, they developed a relationship with our students that was overwhelmingly positive.  As a rural school, we appreciate the level of professionalism and quality instruction that comes with the Bozeman Art Museum.”

Sidney Rider, Teacher at Pass Creek School

“Thank you so much. I learned a lot and am still using the elements you taught us…I couldn’t get my apples looking like apples until you came.”

Macy, 6th grade

“I wholeheartedly recommend the BAM school program and encourage continued support. Quality instruction in art is an ongoing need in rural Montana schools as is cultural awareness and appreciation for art. This program goes far toward meeting those needs and is worthy of your support.”

Matthew Henry, Superintendent of Schools, Gallatin County

“Thank you for driving all the way here to teach us art…it was super fun!”

Cody, 2nd grade
We are funded in part by coal severance taxes paid based upon coal mined in Montana and deposited in Montana’s cultural and aesthetic projects trust fund.

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