How We Began

The Bozeman Art Museum (BAM) came to life in 2012 when Executive Director Linda Williams began to reflect on the fact that Bozeman, Montana does not have a fine art museum.

Billings does. Missoula does. Helena does.

But Bozeman – even with it’s art-loving culture and community – does not!

This realization motivated a small group of individuals to incorporate as the Bozeman Art Museum and file for (and receive) the tax-exempt status in April of 2012. A small board of directors and a national advisory council were assembled and went to work hosting exhibits, displaying a mix of traditional and contemporary art downtown during the local “art walks”.

In 2013, Linda Williams went before the City Commision with a proposal for the Bozeman Art Museum to take over the Story Mansion and turn it into a fine art museum. After the presentation, the first comment from the Commision was, “What are your credentials?”

It was a sobering question that led Linda to enroll in a Master’s program and received her MA in Art History, Theory, and Criticism. While her educational/credential detour delayed the progress of the BAM project, these years were well spent preparing Linda Williams to spearhead the BAM initiative.

In the fall of 2016 the BAM project was revitalized with a generous donation and has taken major steps to build credibility, a strong donor base, and provide exceptional youth and adult educational programming to the Gallatin Valley – all with the ultimate goal of bringing a fine art museum to the Bozeman community!

BAM Values:

Creativity | Collaboration

Community | Culture

What We Believe

Vision: To create an American Alliance of Museums accredited Art Museum where people of all ages can come together to experience the transformative power of art.

Mission: To inspire and foster creativity and love of art through high-quality exhibits, programs, classes and lectures.

Our Team

Linda Williams

Executive Director

BAM Board of Directors

Members of the Board for the Bozeman Art Museum:

  • Erin Jones Graf, Chairman
  • Jake Gaedtke, Vice Chairman
  • Shirley J Elliott, MS, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Lathie Poole
  • Barbara K McGowan
  • Karen Schmidt
  • Terry Nybo
  • James Gutting, JD, CPA
  • Shane Kirkham
  • Ann Justin
  • Dan Bettencourt
  • Larry Blackwood
  • Leanne Hansen

National Advisory Council:

  • Rocky Hawkins
  • Dr. Daryl Paulson, PhD, MA, MS,MBA
  • Troy Redmon, JD.MBA
  • Steven B Jackson, MFA
  • Carin Phillips
  • Bill Jones
  • Steve Huston
  • John Potter
  • Bonnie Ramsey
  • Kevin Red Star
  • Dan Messerli
  • Curtis Tierney
  • David Klasson
  • Michele Corriel
  • Dr Beth Kennedy
  • Suzan Strobel
  • Troy Downing
  • Tyler Erickson
  • Kathleen Hawkins
  • Heather Bellamy
  • Christina Hafen, MA, MBA
  • Brian Brush, MFA
  • David Perlstein
  • Frances Boyd
  • Bryan Atwell
What the Community is Saying

Art is a reflection of the soul of humanity. It makes us human in a world of technology. It is the thread that binds individuals into a community.

Shirley Elliott

“Community, I think, is the keyword. We live in changing times. We live in turbulent times. Art composes life. It shows us how all the parts fit together. Art makes the world beautiful.”


Steve Huston

Art is something that everyone can do/enjoy over and over and always learn/see something new.

Dan Messerli

Museums add lasting cultural experiences in a growing community.

Eugen Graf